Ancient Red

Ancient Red 1.6c

Experience new adventures on your Palm!

Ancient Red is a RPG that introduces you to a world of mystery, battles and boundless adventures.

As you continue to move through the game, you will be faced with more and more challenges while you meet the enemy and explore new territories.

A never-ending list of magic objects, potions and new spells, you will be well equipped to take on the enemy.

Most interesting features:

  • Full screen graphics (256 colours)
  • Auto-World creation system
  • Games automatically saved
  • Hundreds of items
  • Various monsters with excellent AI
  • Smooth animations with 8-directed characters
  • Multitude of magic and special effects
  • Item trading via infrared port

If you are an RPG fan, Ancient Red will provide you with hours upon hours of addiction and entertainment.

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Ancient Red


Ancient Red 1.6c

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